DYLAN: Visions, Portraits, and Back Pages

DYLAN: Visions, Portraits, and Back Pages is a great book to have in your own personal library at home. The book was put together by one of my favorite British magazines, MOJO.

It is a magazine devoted to music, and constantly guides me in discovering new GREAT music. It is also one that devotes itself to promoting under appreciated music, which is something that I sincerely appreciate.

That all goes to say that when I took one glance at the Bob Dylan book MOJO put out, I knew I could trust it to be intriguing and stellar.

And it is. The book tells countless stories of Bob Dylan, and calls for one heck-of-an eye opening experience. In the beginning it describes just how Dylan (his birth name being Robert Zimmerman) wowed the Beatles, and later of his tragic motorcycle accident...

BUY THE BOOK NOW! Read it, enjoy it, pass it on to a friend!

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