Spend An Evening With Saddle Creek. Go Ahead.

Spend An Evening With Saddle Creek is a documentary of the upbringings of the record label company Saddle Creek. The documentary is narrated by individuals involved in the record company such as the founders and even some of the artists... There are extensive interviews, rare performances and archival footage. It is a really great insight to how they got their start, and major accomplishments along the way.

It also shows what the music scene was like back when it started, and how they fit in, with the music they were putting out. Saddle Creek Record Company has launched the following bands:

Azure Ray
Bright Eyes
The Faint
The Good Life
Now It's Overhead
Rilo Kiley
Son, Ambulance
Sorry About Dresden
These are all really great bands! And my latest kick happens to be Azure Ray. This DVD is something that I am putting on my Christmas list, and I advise you to check it out yourself!

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